Billy Invoicing Tool - Zeke Camusio

Zeke Camusio


"I dream of exploring the world and learning from people everywhere.”

Zeke is a serial entrepreneur, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He’s traveled to 75 countries and every continent in the world, and now lives in beautiful Portland, OR.

Zeke has started seven businesses and sold three of them. “I learned much more from my failures than from my successes”, he admits. “I’m grateful for all the obstacles I’ve encountered in my life – without them I would never have found my inner strength.”

Zeke has been playing rugby since age 9, for many different teams around the world. He loves working with children – something he’s done as a ski instructor, rugby coach and school teacher.

After he sold his last company, an advertising agency, Zeke was asked to join Billy’s team and run the company’s operations in the United States. Zeke has a passion for software and helping entrepreneurs, so he recognized that Billy was a perfect fit, and agreed to come aboard.

Zeke attended the Universidad de Buenos Aires for business management training, although he says he’s learned more about business from making mistakes, reading books and talking to other entrepreneurs.

“School is great,” he explains, “but nothing can replace learning from your own experience. You have to get out of your comfort zone and try new things every day.” Zeke is an avid reader. “I’ve been reading a book a week since I was 15. Mostly business books. I guess that officially makes me a nerd!”

In his free time, Zeke enjoys photography, cooks for friends, and volunteers for a nonprofit that helps entrepreneurs start their first businesses.