Create an invoice

There are a couple of ways to start adding invoices to Billy. Watch the video below to get started!


From the Dashboard: On the dashboard, you’ll see a button in the ‘Invoices’ box that reads ‘Create invoice’.

From the Invoices page: You can navigate to the Invoices page from your dashboard by clicking on ‘Invoices’ in the left menu bar. In the top right, you’ll see a button that reads “Create invoice”. Clicking this button will bring allow you to create an invoice.

Creating an invoice

This section will go over creating an invoice in Billy.

1) Customer: Select the customer that you would like to send the invoice to. The dropdown menu will allow you to select from your customer list. If your customer isn’t on the list, you can add a new one by clicking “+Create new” at the bottom of the list.

2) Contact person: Clicking the dropdown box will show you a list of contacts that are associated with the company you selected in the previous step. If you don’t see the name you’re looking for, you can add it by selecting the option at the bottom of the dropdown list.

3) Message: Insert a personalized message to send along with your invoice.

4) Product: Click the dropdown menu to populate a list of products you’ve entered in Billy. If you don’t see the product you’re looking for, you can add it by selecting the option at the bottom of the list.

5) Description: Here you can add an optional description of your product.

6) Tax: Here you can select the amount of tax on the product you’re selling. These options will populate based on the tax settings you’ve saving in ‘Settings’.

7) Quantity: Here you can adjust the quantity of the product you’re invoicing for.

8) Unit price: This price is likely to automatically populate depending on how you’ve saved your product in Billy. You can edit it in the invoice if you’d like.

9) Total: The total is calculated by multiplying the price of the product by the quantity.

10) Discount: By clicking the “%” to the right of the total, you can extend a discount to your customer. The next three options will appear when a product is discounted.

11) Discount name: Here you can add a name to the discount you’re providing. This can be something like “Friends & Family Discount” or “Summer Sale”.

12) This field represents the magnitude of your discount, as determined by the next step.

13) Here you can decide whether you’d like to offer a dollar denominated discount or a percentage discount.

14) Currency: This field will use your default currency as defined in Billy. You can change the currency in which you’re invoicing by clicking the dropdown button.

15) Here you can elect whether to display the invoice total including tax or excluding tax.

16) Payment methods: This option allows you to select which payment methods appear on the invoice. You can add a new payment method if you don’t see the one you want by clicking the “Add payment method” button.

17) Add line: if you are invoicing your customer for different products, you can add an additional line to the invoice by clicking here.

18) Attach PDF or image: By clicking this option, you can include an attachment to your invoice.

19) Approve: Approving an invoice will save it in your Billy account and generate a preview for you before you send it out.

20) Date: This represents the current date of the invoice. It defaults to today’s date.

21) Due date: Here is where you tell your client when the payment for the invoice is due. There are plenty of options to choose from, including Net 30, Net 15, end of month, or by entering a custom date. The default value for this field can be changed in ‘Settings’ under ‘App settings’.

22) Save as draft: If you’re not ready to approve the invoice yet, you can save it as a draft. Keep in mind that draft invoices will not show up in your totals on the main dashboard.

23) More: By clicking more, you can print a copy of the invoice or save it as a PDF.

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