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Easiest-to-Use Billing and Invoicing
Software for Small Business

Easiest-to-Use Billing and Invoicing
Easiest-to-Use Billing and Invoicing

Getting paid on time for your work should be easy and stress-free. Join the 50,000 companies that have taken billing and invoicing to the next level.

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“Billy is very easy to use and it has made our billing life a lot easier. It saves me time in the office and our customers are happy with the results.”

Richard Young - Kona Bluetec

“Billy is perfect for basic invoicing--user-friendly and lots of flexibility.”

Lynne Stahl - Freelancer

“The invoicing function is easy to use and I like the logo on the top of the invoices: very professional looking.”

Cathy Lambert, CPA

“Thanks team for an effective, efficient, robust platform that doesn't bog down with a gazillion extra steps and allows me to streamline our small ad agency invoices. It's a well laid out, very aesthetic and seamless design that is a breeze to use.”

James Wester - iGrube Marketing

Join 50,000+ small businesses using Billy

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97.4% of small businesses recommend Billy

Getting Paid Should Be the Easiest Part of Your Job

Getting paid for your work should be easy for you and your clients. With Billy, you can create beautiful invoices in seconds and your clients can pay them online.

Get Paid With Billy

Billy lets you keep track of your payments and send your clients friendly reminders when they’re late to pay.

Track Payments With Billy

Capturing Receipts Has Never Been this Easy

Billy makes it extremely easy to capture your receipts with your phone or your browser.

Capturing Receipts

Billy provides a clean and efficient workflow to categorize your expenses and store your receipts for tax time. Turning your receipts into money has never been this easy!

Billy Expense Detecting

Run Your Business Like a Pro

Billy shows you all the money you’re making and spending, all in one place, so you can see how your business is doing and stay in control of your money.

Take Control with Billy

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Bethany Baumann

"Billy’s support put me at ease knowing I wouldn’t feel stupid asking questions about things I don’t understand."

Bethany Baumann

Martin Kinal

“Best tech support since the internet was launched. Really knowledgeable about your product. Very impressed!"

Martin Kinal

Join 50,000+ small businesses using Billy

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

97.4% of small businesses recommend Billy