Billy + Stripe = Frictionless Invoicing

Billy Accounting App - Billy + Stripe = Frictionless Invoicing
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How long does it normally take for your clients to pay you? If the answer is more than a couple minutes, then we’ve got something you’ll be excited about.

Our team has been hard at work bringing our best-in-class invoicing solution to a whole new level. We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially added Stripe’s online credit card payment solution to all invoices in Billy.


Ready, set, get paid!

Imagine your ideal invoice. It wouldn’t be boring and stoic. You also wouldn’t want it to get lost or covered in coffee stains because it’s sat for too long on someone’s desk. What would your ideal invoice look like?

Would it have the key terms and total amount due? Certainly.

Would it have all of the correct items and quantities for your customer? Absolutely!

Would it be personally stylized to reflect the uniqueness of your brand? Without question!

Would it have a giant green button that makes it extremely easy for your customers to pay you? Now it does.

Eliminate excuses for non-payment

Making your invoices extremely easy to pay removes a significant source of friction between your customer’s bank account and yours. Your customers will never be able to use the excuse “I couldn’t figure out how to pay your invoice” again.

Just for reference, here is what it will look like in their inbox. It’s really that simple.

We know that people are busy and work from their phones a lot. It looks great on mobile too!

Get your invoices to the top of the pile

It’s a well-known fact that professional, stylized resumes make it to the top of the pile and are more likely to lead to a job offer. It doesn’t seem like a stretch to assume that this rule applies to invoices as well.

When your customers are deciding who to pay first, make sure you’re at the top of the list every single time.

Once your customer pays, both of you will receive a notification with the transaction details. Stripe will deposit the funds to your bank account within 48 hours. Collections = done.

Level-up your invoicing game

If you’ve decided that it’s time for a sleek, streamlined invoicing solution for your business, look no further. Click here to start your 14-day free trial and start sending invoices from day one.

If you already have a Billy account, follow these steps to link your accounting system with the outside world: Link your Stripe account

Don’t have a Stripe account yet? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered. You can create your Stripe account from within Billy, or connect an existing account.

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