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Billy Accounting App - Put Your Invoicing on Autopilot
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Put your invoicing on autopilot with recurring invoices

Invoicing can be a chore, especially when you have retainer contracts with the same billable amounts each month. If you spend more than 30 minutes a month preparing and sending invoices that look virtually identical, we’ve got something you’ll be excited about.

I’m sure you didn’t start your business because you love creating and sending the same invoices over and over again (though you may love marking them as “Paid”!). That’s why setting up automatic recurring invoicing with Billy is so awesome.

Automate your Collections

Recurring invoices are a perfect solution for anyone with repeating invoicing needs, such as retainer contracts. Just plug in the products (or service), set your terms, assign the frequency, and then you’re off. Billy will take care of invoice creation, approval, and emailing all on your behalf.

And it gets better. When you set up recurring invoices alongside our integration with Stripe (read more about this here), your clients can pay you right away with their credit card.

Once you’ve automated your recurring invoicing, your back-desk is pretty much on autopilot. Then you can keep tabs on any outstanding invoices on your dashboard and send reminders as needed.

It's a breeze to get started

If you know how to create an invoice, you already know how to create a recurring invoice. You’ll want to give Billy a quick rundown on your delivery preferences, time period etc. in addition to the normal details.

If you’re not quite ready to pull the trigger on your recurring invoice, it’s really easy to test out your setup (we actually recommend this). If you tell Billy to create a draft invoice, Billy will give you a chance to make any last-minute changes before sending it off to your customers.

This makes your workflow super easy. From the dashboard, you’ll be able to see all of the draft invoices Billy has created for you. You can jump straight to your invoices screen and filter your invoices so you only see the draft invoices waiting to be approved.

Delegate invoicing to Billy

Recurring invoices are available with both our standard and premium plans.

Are you ready to save time, grow your business and streamline your invoicing? Get started with recurring invoices for free for 14 days.

Already have a Billy account? Start creating your recurring invoices here.

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About the Author

Evan Kaeding is the VP of Business Development for Billy in the United States. He has been an entrepreneur from an early age, starting with garage sales to get rid of his parents' old stuff to building a tutoring business to help pay for college. Evan is the resident finance expert on Billy's team, often spending time using spreadsheets recreationally. He also enjoys hiking, long bike rides and eating exotic foods.

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