Learn Why Accountants Love Billy

"Danish Accounting App Comes to U.S."

"Here Comes Billy: A Free Small Business Accounting System"

Stop transferring Quickbooks files back and forth

Billy is securely hosted on the cloud, so you and your clients can access the same account from different devices at any time. With Billy you no longer need to email Quickbooks files because all the information is in one central location.

Manage all your clients from the Accountant Portal

The Accountant Portal gives you instant access to all your clients, so you don’t need different login credentials for each one of them.

Make it easy for your clients to keep track of sales taxes

Billy keeps track of all the sales taxes your clients collect. This makes it very easy for you to see how much they need to pay the tax authorities.

A system you’re already familiar with

Billy is very similar to Quickbooks. You have access to your clients’ income statements, balance sheets and general ledgers, so you can prepare their taxes with ease.

Help your clients save money

As an accountant, you’re always looking after your clients. Billy is 100% free, so you can save your clients hundreds of dollars every year.